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Soups made with the finest ingredients

Corn Chowder


Chow down on Happy Valley’s #1 soup. This hearty chowder boasts a ‘fresh off the cob’ taste by using only the best Supersweet freeze-dried kernels. Shucks, you’ll get so many compliments on this dish you won’t believe your ears.

Ready in 30 | 6 oz  |  Serves 8

No Salt, Preservatives, or MSG

Potato & Cheese 

Hello cheese lover! You’re looking at the contents for a velvety pot of pure comfort. The ingredients are naturally healthy and you’re sure to find the cheddar grate. What? Too cheesy? We’ll work on a sharper description.

Ready in 40 | 5 oz  |  Serves 8

Most Varieties are Gluten Free

Black Bean Chili

This packet holds the ingredients to a naturally bold black bean chili. You’ll love the rich flavor so much, you’ll put it on everything—hot dogs, tacos, nachos, burgers, fries, ice cream…well, maybe not ice cream.

Ready in 40 | 7 oz  |  Serves 8

Naturally Delicious

Harvest Lentil

Haven’t quite satisfied that pumpkin everything craving? Get your fix with this hearty mixture of lentils, rice, vegetables and perfect pumpkin spices. Some say it’s better than mom’s pumpkin pie!

10 oz  |  Serves 12

Made in Happy Valley – U.S.A.

Fiesta Tortilla

Craving a bowl of zesty Southwest flavor? Heat up your night starting with these naturally bold ingredients. This mouth-watering recipe will wake your senses and warm your belly. Sombrero optional. Ole!

Ready in 40  |  6 oz  |  Serves 8

14 Delicious Varieties

Butternut Bisque

Who says you need to wait until autumn for that fresh butternut goodness? With this mix, you’ll enjoy that great taste any time of the year. In fact, take it to your next potluck —you’re sure to squash the competition.

Ready in 50  |  7 oz  |  Serves 8

Happy Valley Soup Company

Cock-a-doodle Noodle

Craving a homemade chicken noodle soup? Don’t wing it. You’re holding our #1 selling soup…and for good reason. A bowl of these handmade Amish noodles and delicious peas, carrots, and seasonings will have you happily roosting in your favorite spot.

Ready in 40  |  6 oz  |  Serves 8

Soups made with the finest ingredients

Fireside Kettle Bean

Whether you’re a bean loving vegetarian or looking to satisfy a carnivorous craving, this protein pack of colorful, healthy and delicious beans is the perfect base for your next dish. Enjoy this magical meal.

10 oz  |  Serves 8

No Salt, Preservatives, or MSG

French Onion

This savory mix of flavors will have you thinking you ordered the ‘soup du jour’ at a five star French restaurant. Load each bowl with croutons and melty Gruyère cheese and
broil for the perfect presentation. Bon appétit!

Ready in 40  |  6 oz  |  Serves 8

Most Varieties are Gluten Free

Garden Vegetable

You’re holding a garden fresh delight. Made with the finest freeze dried carrots, green beans, corn and peas, as well as the perfect blend of spices. You may even get a compliment or two on your green thumb.

Ready in 40  |  6 oz  |  Serves 8

All are vegetarian Friendly

Sherried Mushroom

Looking for  the perfect start to your gourmet dinner party? This is it. Packed with button mushrooms, wild rice, and the perfect blend of spices, this ‘FUN-GUY’ soup adds life to any party.

Ready in 40  |  5 oz  |  Serves 8

Naturally delicious

Tomato Basil Bisque

This is no ordinary tomato soup. We’ve taken the classic fresh from the garden recipe and added spectacular gourmet flair. In a category of its own, you may feel the need to say ‘Ta-mah-to’ soup!

Ready in 40  |  6 oz  |  Serves 8

Made in Happy Valley – U.S.A.

Stuffed Pepper

This is comfort soup at its best. Let your senses take a quick trip home to the family table as you fill your kitchen with the aroma of green and red peppers, onions, and Italian seasonings. Sure to stuff bellies and maybe even your heart.

Ready in 30  |  6 oz  |  Serves 8

14 Delicious Varieties

Tuscan Minestrone

Mamma Mia! Grab a loaf of Italian bread  and some vino to compliment this fresh and hearty medley of macaroni, zucchini, garlic and other tasty vegetables don’t forget the sweet Italian sausage for a truly authentic taste.

Ready in 45  |  6 oz  |  Serves 8


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