Fundraise with Happy Valley Soup Company

Happy Valley Soup Company offers a beautifully packaged product that helps you

earn 50% profits

for your organization.

NOTE: We are currently beta testing our new Happy Valley Soup Company Fundraiser online ordering site. If you have less than 30 sellers and would like to participate, please register. We’ll contact you to discuss the process. We hope to be fully launched in February with the ability to accommodate groups of any size.

Already Registered Your Organization?

As the fundraising Group Leader, view your Fundraising Area to access the buyers link to share with supporters, view how much your group is earning with online sales, FAQs, contact info, and place your final order.

Support a Group by Purchasing Soups

Please place orders via the link provided by the fundraising group. You may find this on their website, social media page or in an email or text sent to you by the group. PLEASE do not call Happy Valley Soup Company for the link – we do not have access to that information. For more details, visit our Online Orders page.

Online Orders – Immediate Delivery

In addition to traditional fundraiser brochure orders, groups can now reach supporters outside of their immediate delivery area with an option to order from the group ONLINE!


How it Works

Fundraising groups are provided with an online account area with access to a dedicated link and banner ads and images to post on the their website and social media pages, or include in emails or text messages. Using this link, supporters can place an order online and have it shipped via UPS ground (standard shipping rates apply). Proceeds from the order are then applied to the organization’s fundraising account.

Group organizers can view supporter’s orders and how much the organization is making from those orders.

When the fundraiser is complete, online proceed totals can be applied to help pay for the final brochure fundraiser form orders.

Why Fundraise With
Happy Valley Soup Company


We make it easy for your organization to offer a healthy high quality product that your group will be proud to sell and the final customers will rave about and be thrilled to use, gift, and enjoy!

Happy Valley Soup Company has helped schools, sports teams, church groups and many other non-profit organizations meet their fundraising goals by selling our delicious and nutritious products. Some groups choose to have their membership use the order forms (which are supplied free of charge) to individually sell the products and others have a one day event where they sample the soups, take orders and then supply the wonderful product.


Happy Valley Soup Company provides fundraisers with tools to help you reach your goals, including:

  • Traditional fundraiser forms for taking orders in person.
  • Banners and images to use on your website and social media, as well as in emails, to drive traffic to your online order forms.
  • A Tally Sheet to compile final orders from all face-to-face orders (Google Sheet).

Earn 50% for Your Organization

We keep it simple. Your organization sells soups at $9.00 each earning your group $4.50 each. And with the ability for friends and family to order soups online and have their order shipped directy to them, it makes it possible for your group to reach record fundraiser sales.

Fundraising Support

We support your organizations with a simple, thorough sales plan. We provide you with personalized assistance in product selections, sales tips, literature and samples. We even provide the order forms and samples at no cost to you.

A Natural Alternative

When it comes to fundraising, this is a healthy option to offer your supporters. We use only all natural freeze-dried ingredients in our soup mixes with no preservatives, MSG or salt added. Many soups are also gluten free.

We Deliver

Online orders are processed and shipped to your supporters immediately. Turn-around on your final order (totals from fundraising order forms) is usually less than two weeks. We can’t offer free shipping but will give you the best rate possible. If local, you may pick up your order.

Still Have Questions?

You’ll find answers to many commonly asked questions on the Fundraising FAQs page. If your questions still are not answered, you can call or use the contact form to reach out to us.

“Our church ladies’ group has been selling soups for many years as a fundraiser. The soups are flavorful, healthy, require no refrigeration, fast to put together with a few simple ingredients, and can be enjoyed over many months with their year long shelf-life. They give a generous profit return for the groups who sell it. It’s a GREAT fundraiser!”


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