50% Fundraisers

Earn 50% profits with a Happy Valley Soup Company fundraiser and quickly raise the money you need.

Happy Valley Soup Company Potato & Cheese Soup


Earn 50% on each soup sold

They buy. We deliver. You earn.

Happy Valley Soup Company offers 50% profits on each item sold by your group – online or in person. Share the link to your organization’s branded eStore on social media, your website, and in emails. Your members and volunteers can share it directly with their friends and family nationwide.

We’ll process the order, credit your nonprofit with 50% of the soup sale, and pack it up for direct to their door delivery.

Fireside Kettle Bean Soup and Ingredients

The feel Good Fundraiser

It’s a product supporters can feel good about buying and you can feel good about selling. These meal kits are made with top-quality freeze-dried ingredients, the fresh flavors are locked in until you pour the packet in the pot.

No MSG. No Salt. No Preservatives.

Easy to Sell

With 13 varieties of soups, there’s a flavor for everyone. Made with all natural freeze-dried ingredients, they do not need refrigerated and have a year-long shelf life. Many are gluten free and meet vegan standards. They make great gifts for the holidays, birthdays, and get well or welcome baskets.

Chicken Noodle Soup and Ingredients

Earn 50% with Traditional Fundraising Sales

Traditionally, fundraisers are sold face-to-face with brochure forms. Your organization can take orders locally in addition to online sales continuing to earn 50% on each soup sold. Just let us know how many forms your members and volunteers will need and we’ll mail them to you.

Fundraiser Form

Holding your fundraiser online

The Happy Valley Soup Company Fundraising Dashboard allows you to watch your profits grow as you earn 50% on each and every soup sale. Use the pre-made sale banners on your website or social media page, or in emails and text messages to help promote your online fundraiser.

Who should fundraise with happy Valley?


Elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as college and university groups.

Sports Teams

Clubs or school teams – K-12, college and adults.


Religious affiliations of any denomination.


Any nonprofit needing funds to help carry out their mission.


Girl Scouts and Boy Scout troops, ROTC or adventure organizations.

Marching Bands

School, club and association music groups.

…and any group looking to raise funds.

How it works



Get Answers

Find complete details about earning 50% profits on our Fundraising page and Fundraising FAQs page.


View the demo e-store

Check out the demo home page and shopping page branded for the Volunteers of America fundraiser.



Start earning 50%! Send us your organization details – like dates and number of brochure forms needed, etc.

More Info / Contact Us

Have questions? You can find complete details on our Happy Valley Soup Company Fundraising website, as well as FAQs. If you can’t find answers reach out via the form at the bottom of that page.

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